Why Use RFID Payments?

Why Use RFID Payments?

SYNOPAYMENTS creates a seamless and contactless guest experience, drives higher spend per guest, and eliminates revenue leakage.

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SYNOPAYMENTS RFID Wristbands Increase Revenues and Create a Seamless Guest Experience

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We specialize in offering custom branded RFID and NFC wristbands for the SYNOPAYMENTS system. See our full range of RFID & NFC wristbands at Synometrix.com


Easy guest enrollment and purchase of wristbands & passes

Fast and efficient check-in upon guest arrival

Secure guest-only access control to all or select amenities

Excellent guest experiences that drive positive online reviews

Increase average guest spending

by up to 30%

Cashless one-tap payments for food, beverages and rentals

Data collection for downstream marketing opportunities

Installing SYNOACCESS across your property is an investment that will improve the guest experience, drive higher revenues and create an unmatched level of security.

Guests love the convenience of a contactless RFID wristband.

RFID wristbands have a unique serial number on the chip that is assigned to each guest and linked with their credit card for purchases. Wristbands can also be used for access control to guest rooms, towel loan, equipment rentals and to access amenities like lounges, gyms, pools, beaches, and parking areas.

Customize SYNOPAYMENTS for your event, concert, or property.

Work with our Integration Specialists to identify your specific needs and then design an efficient system that balances cost with the benefits you seek. Gain functionality beyond just contactless payments; RFID wristbands can be customized and used for ticketing and exciting brand activation experiences at your concert or event venue.


The SYNOPAYMENTS system scales to allow for contactless one-tap payments only or can be offered with custom features that meet your unique requirements.


Custom branded SYNOPAYMENTS RFID wristbands are available in silicone, fabric, PVC, or TYVEK. Get wristbands colours custom branded with your logo.


SYNOPAYMENTS can be integrated for use with most Point of Sales systems and relies on a light hardware footprint to reduce costs and deployment time.