Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is there a platform set up fee? Are there any other annual or recurring fees for the SYNOPAYMENTS system?

A: A one-time set up fee is calculated based on the scale and requirements of the system you need as discussed during your call with one of our Integration Experts. Other costs may be incurred for Point of Sale terminal and/or tablet rentals, but SYNOPAYMENTS does not charge annual user or licensing fees to use the platform.


Q: What is lead time for POS terminals/tablets and customized RFID wristbands?

A: About 30-45 days after payment is received.


Q: Do I need Wi-Fi or any networking to run terminals/tablets?

A: Wi-Fi is normally sufficient to run the SYNOPAYMENTS system.


Q: When does my business receive the funds from credit card transactions?

A: Normally the following business day when using Stripe or Fiserv.


Q: When does the SYNOPAYMENTS transaction fee get charged to the guest credit card?

A: At the time of wristband initialization. This is the only time a fee is charged. You take 100% of the payment from the guest or customer based on the price you set.


Q: Is Clover the only POS option? Is it required?

A: Clover is our technology partner. Clover has affordable options available to integrate with different kind of Point of Sales systems.


Q: Are terminals required, or will tablets be enough?

A: Tablets or terminals can both be used, provided they are enabled for RFID/NFC payments.


Q: How can we issue RFID wristbands to our guests?

A: Our RFID wristbands must be enrolled into the SYNOPAYMENTS system prior to being used for contactless payments. This can be handled by issuing the wristbands prior to an event and having the guest fill in their credit card details online, or by issuing wristbands at an event or business and collecting their credit card information at that time.


Q: How long does it typically take to set up one wristband for a guest?

A: It can take as little as one minute (or less!) to set up a SYNOPAYMENTS RFID Wristband into the system.


Q: What is the cost of a SYNOPAYMENTS wristband?

A: SYNOPAYMENTS wristbands work with our system and are quoted according to the type of material you chose (for example fabric, PVC, silicone), the number of colours you need in your logo and the quantity you wish to order. Lead-time for wristbands is normally 3-4 weeks. Contact us today for a free consultation and quote!