Frequently Asked Questions

Redefine guest experiences at events and beyond! SYNOBAND POS is a cutting-edge web app-based Point of Sale (POS) system. 


Enable your guests to effortlessly make secure purchases using  SYNOBAND wristbands, seamlessly linked to their credit cards or back to their hotel, resort, or club accounts. This isn’t just a system; it’s a solution designed to deliver extraordinary guest experiences with Pop-Up Ready efficiency and Detailed Reporting.


Crafted by an innovative team with decades of upscale resort and event experience, SYNOBAND POS is poised to enhance the full guest purchasing journey at any venue, with unparalleled flexibility and scalability.

Why Choose SynoBand POS?

Flexible and Scalable Technology: SYNOBAND POS pioneers NFC-enabled mobile devices, offering a state-of-the-art web app POS tailored to the dynamic needs of events and hospitality. Our system effortlessly scales to meet the evolving demands of your business as it grows. Plus, SYNOBAND POS can work on existing or any third-party tablets, ensuring compatibility with your current setup.


Affordable Innovation: Experience the future of hospitality without breaking the bank. SYNOBAND POS provides a cost-effective solution, making innovation accessible for events of all scales. Implementation costs can be as low as $2,000 USD for properties or events to integrate, ensuring affordability for businesses of any size.


Versatile Applications: From festivals and resorts to concerts, nightclubs, spas, and more, SYNOBAND POS adapts dynamically to the unique demands of each setting. It seamlessly caters to the diverse needs of event planning, ensuring a tailored solution for your venue.


Crafted by Seasoned Experts: SYNOBAND POS is the product of an innovative development team with decades of upscale resort and event experience, ensuring a keen focus on enhancing the full guest purchasing experience.


Secure SYNOBAND Wristband Transactions: Elevate guest experiences with seamless and secure transactions via SYNOBAND wristbands, whether linked to credit cards or back to their accounts.


Pop-Up Ready Efficiency and Detailed Reporting: SYNOBAND POS ensures secure and seamless transactions at pop-up locations within your property or event, coupled with detailed reporting for valuable insights into performance.


Security-First Integration: Our system seamlessly integrates RFID sales with a strong focus on security, safeguarding sensitive data during every transaction.


Real-time Insights for Enhanced Events: Gain valuable insights into spending patterns and venue performance in real-time, enhancing event management and guest experiences.


Effortless Refuelling with Confidence: Receive alerts when the funded amount is reached and refuel SYNOBAND wristbands directly from mobile devices, ensuring security during dynamic events.


Increased Revenue Streams Through Secure Transactions: SYNOBAND wristbands eliminate the need for wallets, making transactions smooth and secure. Guests are more likely to indulge when they feel their payments are protected, enhancing revenue streams.

Ready to Redefine Event Hospitality?

Contact us today for a personalized demonstration of SYNOBAND POS – where every secure tap is a testament to seamless and unforgettable guest experiences.